Personal Life Coaching For Teen Girls 

A lot of teen girls feel insecure and alone.

As a personal life coach, I can help your daughter gain confidence and overcome her struggles so she can thrive in her teenage years. 


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Are you a parent worried about your teenage girl? 

As a parent, it can be hard to know how to help your teenage daughter. Teenage girls today are dealing with all kinds of problems, including stress and anxiety, finding good friendships, and feeling insecure. 

That’s where Personal Life Coaching comes in. 

As a young adult who's worked through those issues, I'm great at relating with teenage girls. 

As a Certified Life Coach, I'm here to help and guide your daughter through those hard days.  Neither you nor your daughter should have to navigate this stage of life alone. 

Let’s work together to help your daughter see herself the way you see her. 




Schedule a FREE consultation call. We’ll do it over Zoom, Google Meets, or FaceTime.


I’ll talk with both of you then talk with your daughter 1:1 to better understand how I can best help her. 


We'll do six 1:1 coaching sessions then see where she’s at and decide what comes next. 

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Parent Testimonials 

From the get-go Karis was amazing. So empathetic, understanding, and most importantly, fun. She not only helped my daughter be in a better place about herself and life in general, she has helped me to be a more patient and understanding mom. Karis goes above and beyond what is expected when looking for a life coach. I wouldn’t even call her and Life coach, I would call her a friend, a big sister, a teacher, a listener, and overall just a great person! 


My daughter has been struggling with insecurity, overthinking, girl drama and other typical teen issues. Karis has done wonders for my daughter. Her self confidence has boosted and she has become more sure of herself. I can also see that she’s happier after the sessions with Karis. I’m so grateful for what Karis has done to help my daughter and I highly recommend her as a life coach for you teenage girls. 


What's Included

60 minutes 1:1 coaching sessions 

Access to me throughout the week via text 

Weekly challenges and accountability check-ins 

Personalized videos, emails, and texts  

All for just $50/session

*All coaching sessions will take place after school hours*
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