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How To Figure Out What You Want To Do With Your Life At A Young Age

Are you in high school trying to figure out what college you should attend and what you should study?

Are you a college student who is currently undecided, trying to figure out which major to choose? 

Are you about to graduate college but you have no idea what you’re going to do after graduation? 

Did you take a gap year thinking it will give you clarity on what to do next but you feel more lost than ever? 

Do you already have a job, but you hate it? You wish you could do something that  brings you fulfilment but you're not sure where to start.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, I have a solution for you. 

Before I go on, if you prefer to watch the YouTube video version of this blog checkout the video down below. 

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You’re probably dying to know this one thing that is supposed to give you all the answers you need, so I won’t waste your time. 

Drumroll please. 

I have created a 6 weeks long program that is literally designed to give you a step by step process to figuring out what you want to do with your life. 

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Ok so right now you’re probably a little confused and maybe even a little spectacle. It’s OK I get it. So to ease your mind a little I want to give you a quick description of this so-called “life changing program.” 

This course is designed to help you identify your purpose and passions in life. Once you find your true purpose and your passions in life, all other life decisions are going to be much easier to make. However, figuring out your purpose and your passion is a lot easier said than done. 

Which is why I created this program. You don’t have to feel lost, confused, and overwhelmed anymore, because this course will give you the guidance you deserve. 


Thank you!

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There are two different ways you can get involved in this program. 

1:1 coaching + course 
By choosing this route, you get access to a 6 week long course filled with 30+ videos, 30+ PDFs, guides, AND you will meet with me 1:1 for a personal coaching session once a week for 6 weeks. Coaching sessions will take place via zoom or google meets. 

Do it yourself course 
If you decide to take this route you will get access to all the videos, PDF’s, guides, but you will not be able to meet with me for a 1:1 coaching session. 


Here is a week by week breakdown of what we will be covering in this course 

Week 1 - Your personality type 
This week we will dive deep into understanding your personality type. I will be introducing you to a personality test called the enneagram. If you want to truly unpack your passions and purpose in life you need to know yourself, and the right types of personality tests can be used as great tools to understanding ourselves much better. 

Week 2 - Your story 
This week we are going to unpack your childhood influences, your life changing experiences, and your life story in general. This week is all about understanding who you are, and what makes you, YOU. Our childhood has a HUGE impact on our futures, so it is very important to figure out things you were told as a child that has influenced you and shaped you into who you are today. 

Week 3 - Passions/interests/talents/skills 
During week 3 we will break down the difference between passion and purpose, and how to ignite your passion. We will also talk about your talents and skills. If you are one of those people who are CONVINCED you don’t have a talent of skill, trust me, this will open your eyes to the various talents you in fact do have. 


Week 4 - Limiting belief systems 
Limiting belief systems are exactly what they sound like. They are belief systems that are very limiting. Unfortunately we have grown up hearing A LOT of limiting belief systems. So this week we are going to work on how we can debunk these limiting belief systems, and choose empowering belief systems. 

Examples of limiting belief phrases you might have heard growing up: 

Money is the root of all evil.”
Good intention: money does not bring happiness and can corrupt

Conditioned fear: negative association with having money; it turns you into a bad person 

Potential limits: unconsciously avoiding or sabotaging financial success to avoid the “negative qualities” you believe you’ll develop if you have money

“Honor your mother and father.”
Good intention: treat your parents with respect and be grateful for them

Conditioned fear: overly concerned about disappointing your parents or that you will be disowned if you follow your heart

Potential limits: holding yourself back from what you want and know you need to do or who you are because your parents (or others) do not approve


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Week 5 - how to clarify your purpose 
This week is a big turning point in the program. By this time you will have done a lot of the work required to really understand yourself. All the work you have put into the program up to this point will prepare you to be able to finally clarify your purpose and find your “why” in life. 

Week 6 -  Plan for success 
This week is all about execution. There is no point in putting all this work into figuring out your purpose if you don’t know how to execute it. So this week we are going to work on actionable steps you can take starting today to start executing your purpose in life.

If you are interested in any of this feel free to SCHEDULE A FREE CALL with me. In this call we can talk about all the questions you might have, and by the end of it I hope I can direct you towards a direction that is most useful to you. Whether that is working with me, or working with someone else. 

Now, if I were you I probably would be a little spectacle of someone promising me they can help me find my purpose in life, I totally get it, so to ease your anxiety a little I have attached a video down below. 

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