How to Become That Girl

Feb 2
Feeling confident is a good thing, just don’t be conceited, I heard a singer once say,
“there is a big difference between confidence and arrogance

All of this self growth begins with your emotional well being.
Becoming that girl means being yourself always, speaking kindly of people truly and living with purpose unapologetically.

Everything begins with how we redefine what that girl means through everything we do in life. How does this relate to friends. Well, for example, say you have one friend that is popular, charismatic, physically attractive, yet they give off mean girl vibes. Standard definitions of "that girl" fit the mold of someone like that, in fact, she might be your sure spring board to becoming "that girl." However that is the toxic way.

Once we redefine this term, our glasses are going to see what being that girl means, in our example choosing friends. Now, picture a friend whom is uplifting, empathetic and confident in herself, a friend like that is someone worthwhile to be around.

Redefining that girl means choosing friends that help create a lifestyle.

Being "that girl" is a lifestyle, redeeming these things is essential to our growth as people.

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