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How To Choose A College Major | Advice From A Life Coach

Picking a major is hard! It’s a huge life decision. It feels like it can either make or break your life. In this post I want to share some helpful tips on how you can choose a college major that will hopefully get you prepared for life after college. 

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Also, I am actually a life coach for young adults. So pretty much I help young adults figure out answers to important questions like, what college should you attend? What should you major in? How do you prepare for life after college? How do you find your dream job? And so on. So if you ever want someone to guide you through this difficult stage of life know I am always here.  

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That being said, how do you choose a college major?? 
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Tip #1 Know it’s OK to be undecided 
I want to start off by saying it is absolutely OK to be undecided for the first couple years of college. It’s ok to wait and find a major you actually enjoy rather than settling for a major and end up regretting it later on. Being undecided does not mean you are never going to figure out what to do with your life, it just means you need a little longer to figure out what you want to do.

After All, how the heck are we supposed to know what we want to do with the rest of our life at the age of 18?? That is a crazy expectation to put on ourselves. So go easy on yourself. Don’t stress too much. I know we often feel pressured to have it all figured out, but trust me no one has it figured out.


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Tip # 2 Take a variety of electives 
Electives are classes you have to take outside of the required classes of your major. That being said I recommend you take a variety of elective classes. Meaning, make sure you don’t waste all your elective credits on one topic, rather spread them out and take different types of classes. So maybe take a psychology elective, a business elective, and a Pre Med Elective. By doing this you are introducing yourself to different topics, and as you do so you might come across a topic you really like and it could possibly help you identify what you want to major in. 

Tip #3 Write down a list of things you’re good at
When choosing a major you want to think about jobs you can do with that specific major, and as you think about jobs you want to do think of things you’re good at. At the end of the day you are going to want to do things you are good at. Therefore you are going to want to major in something you are good at. So write down a list of your skills, then figure out which major will be best prepare you to do the job you hope to have someday. 


Tip #4 Interview/shadow others 
Interviewing and shadowing others is one of the best ways to figure out what you want to do. Find someone doing a job you see yourself doing someday, ask them what you should major in if you wish to do what they’re doing someday. Not sure what you want to do? That’s ok. Go ahead and still ask people what they majored in, how they have been able to use their major. Don’t be afraid to  ask questions, shadow others, learn from them. The more you learn from others the less mistakes you’ll be able to avoid.


At the end of the day just know everything is going to be ok. You will figure this out. Life is so complicated. This stage of life can feel so overwhelming, so go easy on yourself. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get it all figured out. 

And if you're looking for someone to guide you, I would be more than willing to be that person for you. 
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