Personal Life Coaching For Teen Girls 

Looking for someone to guide you through a hard stage of life? I got you. 
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Being A Teen Is Hard 

You can feel insecure and alone in your struggles 

You might dread going to school because you feel like you don’t fit in 

You could hate your teenage years when you should be enjoying them 




Thrive In Your Teenage Years

Gain confidence, and overcome struggles

Find good friends, and enjoy school 

Actually enjoy being a teenager

With Personal Life Coaching, you don’t have to do it alone 




How to get started with Personal Life Coaching 

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Gain confidence & overcome struggles

Client Testimonials 

Before I had my first session with Karis, I was very confused about myself and what I wanted or needed. In just a short time after meeting with her, I started to feel more confident in telling people what I needed for me, and not just what I thought other people wanted to hear. I struggle a lot with anxiety and every session I had with her made me feel more at ease with everything I was thinking about. Karis is truly wonderful.


Since the beginning, Karis has been an incredible life coach and has helped me boost my confidence, be more brave, stand up for myself and so much more! Karis is an absolute joy and I look forward to every session with her. Any teen who is struggling most definitely deserves a Karis in their life.

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Being a teen is hard. You shouldn’t have to do it alone. 

A lot of teen girls feel insecure and alone. As a personal life coach, I help teen girls gain confidence and overcome their struggles, so they can thrive in their teenage years.  

I choose to coach teens like you because I understand your struggles.  I know the temptations of checking friends’ Snapchat locations to see if they’re hanging out without you, all the TikTok trends that make you wonder if you’re pretty enough, and the social anxiety that comes over you when you have to interact with others. 

You shouldn’t have to navigate this very hard stage of life alone. You deserve to feel confident and enjoy being a teenager. 

If you’re ready to take the next step, Personal Life Coaching is a perfect place for you to start your journey. 

Schedule a free call to get started as soon as possible. 

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